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Your Problems, Our Solutions

We thrive on difficult problems. Fun for us is uncovering the motivation and resulting insight behind a customer’s actions and using that input to strengthen a business. We harness leading-edge techniques in data analytics combined with strategic analysis to deliver insights of immediate importance.

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New Product GTM Viability

New Product GTM viability

We’ve streamlined concept testing to give you a key set of metrics and checkpoints to inform your launch strategy

  • How to know if your product/solution is market-ready?
  • Do you have the right product-market fit? Do customers believe you have a competitive advantage? What are the gaps?
  • What are the levers and barriers to adoption?

Portfolio Strategy & Pricing Optimization

A successful business is just as much about optimizing the business model as it is about the new idea.

  • Pricing and packaging, bundling, feature prioritization, SKU strategy,
  • Price elasticity
  • Purchase intent and revenue modeling
portfolio strategy and pricing optimization


Which customers are the best fit for your product? Identify the highest priority customers segments; their needs, behaviors, and motivations