What sets Compass apart is our depth of actual experience managing businesses, executing business plans and marketing strategies, and living with our decisions. Prior to launching Compass, we earned our stripes in the ultra-competitive world of packaged goods, and then acquired depth of experience in technology.

In other words, we were…well, we were you.

And, when it comes to anticipating how you will build your business, that’s the type of experience for which there is no substitute.

Below is a list of our collective brand experience:

  • Microsoft
    • Microsoft Office
    • Windows Starter Edition
    • Windows Genuine Advantage
    • Outlook Express
    • Publisher
    • FrontPage
    • Kids software: e.g. Magic School Bus
  • Nestle - Confectionery: KitKat Aero, Smarties, Nestle Crunch, Coffee: Taster's Choice, Nescafe
  • Quaker Oats Co - Cold Cereals: Captain Crunch, Oh's, Oat Bran, Chewy Granola Bars, Pet Foods
  • Lever Brothers - Lever 2000, Best Foods - Hellman's Cadbury Beverages - Ocean Spray
  • Cranium – Cranium, Cadoo, Balloon Lagoon, Hullabaloo, Family Fun
  • Best Foods – Hellman’s
  • Cadbury Beverages – Ocean Spray

We also have helped bring clarity to start-up companies:

  • Smilebox
  • All Star Directories
  • Double Trump
  • Combi-matrix (bio-tech)
  • Big Fish Games

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