In sport it’s been said that the game is usually won or lost before the team steps on the field; it all comes down to the quality of the preparation and the game plan.

That’s how we feel about research. Without the right plan going in, you’re highly unlikely to succeed. With it, however, you can find the crystal clear insights you need to confidently move forward in building your brand and your business.

This is why Compass draws from a thorough list of research tools and sources adopting the best approach to answer your specific business questions. These include:

  • Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA)
    • Market dynamics and trends
    • Opportunities and competitive threats
  • New product concept development
    • Defining test options to deliver the highest market penetration and purchase intent
    • Identification of levers and barriers to adoption of new products or growth in new markets
    • Refinement of features, identification of priorities
    • Testing of marketing messages, packaging, pricing and other tactics
    • Development of business models and volume forecasts
  • Brand Development
  • Target segmentation
    • profiles, behavior, attitudes and perception
  • Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
    • In-market consumer feedback

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